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Girls names - help! Lock

Hi Everyone Not having much luck with any of the baby name websites and find real people have bet...

10 replies

Your naming style seems to be classic/old fashioned names, nice Sorry for any double-ups haven't read all responses. Mabel E...


Cristina likes Axel, Seth or Samuel. What do you think? Lock

I've searched through Huggies' Baby Names and I've finally shortlisted my favour...

8 replies

In order of preference ~ 1. Seth 2. Tristan 3. Axel 4. Sam (I prefer just Sam!) & sorry but not a fan of Arthur at all?! Good...


Baby girl name Help!! Lock

Only 6 weeks to go and still unable to pick a girls name We have been able to short list 3 names ...

4 replies

Milla Jewel would be my first pick! Beautiful! I only like Archer for a boy?! What about Asha/Asher?? Good luck deciding!


having our second little boy....completely stumped with names Lock

So i am currently 23 weeks 6 days pregnant with our 2nd baby. Our first child we had a name picke...

6 replies

I will run these suggestions past the hubby. But ao far no matter how many baby name sites I search the perfect name is not there lo...


What do you think about 'popular' names? Lock

I am looking for names- only 15weeks but we took forever to name our son so figured get the ball ...

10 replies

Thanks Yeah true, hadnt thought that even though they arent popular now they could be! My cousin is 32 & his names Liam. He had...


Boys name ideas needed Lock

We are expecting our 3rd bundle of joy in Sept and have already decided on a girls name but boys ...

2 replies

Hamish Archer Flynn Ryan Joel Michael Mitchell Luke Oliver


What do you all think of this name? Lock

I was in bed last night and this name just popped up and has really clicked for if we are having ...

3 replies

I like it, another take on Evelyn is Evie?


katie likes Aife, Amity or Aoife. What do you think? Lock

I've searched through Huggies' Baby Names and I've finally shortlisted my favour...

8 replies

Haha! I knew u would xx


Do you like Maeve? Lock

Yep, love it.

3 replies

it is a beautiful name - I agree it is not unique it's just not as common here as in Ireland. It is one I would definitely con...


Opinions!! Is Hazel a colour associated name??? Lock

My husband loves the name Hazel, but we already have an Emerald (little girl). I don't want ...

10 replies

Mel + 2 wrote: My daughter's name is Emerald too smile A little off topic but i have wondered for a while now if Emmy was your...


Opinions please. Lock

what are peoples thoughts on the name Skylar (for a girl) i have a few other names but they are b...

11 replies

I love it! I think I'd spell it Skyler though? Good luck deciding!

1+1+1=3 treasures

5 letter uncommon names! Lock

Hi ladies, My DP & I are extremly struggling with baby names this time around. Nothing seems to b...

19 replies

Hi, It is a big moment for all of us to choose cute and somewhere unique names for our boy/girl. I had taken around 3-4 months to c...


Single mum seeks opinions Lock

Hi, I am a single to be mum (due in about 5 weeks) and am now single. My partner left me when I w...

5 replies

you could use the name that the both of you had pick out as her middle name and use the name you have chose as her first name


Help needed with boy names please Lock

Hi everyone. Hubby and I are expecting a little boy in a few months time. We already have a gor...

5 replies

Xander, Chase, Grayson, Jagger....?

~TJK Mum ~

Names that go with Tobey Lock

So I'm currently only 6 weeks, and to keep me from going insane waiting for my first scan, I...

5 replies

Thanks rissy84! Any other girls names you love?


opinons please, due in 10 days! Lock

We've decided on the name Ava, just not quite sure on how too spell it! We like lee as a mid...

3 replies

Ava Lee is perfect! Short, sweet & easy to spell!


A little help ladies..... Lock

Sooo we/I had a name picked out for my little boy due this month, and now DP has decided he doesn...

10 replies

Taine/Tayne, Rory, Tristan, Benji, Lachlan, Hayden, Clarke, Chase, Ieuan, Nixon, Declan, Tane (pronounced Tar-nay), Luca, Dalton, Di...


Baby girl name Lock

Leah Jade Sione Alyssa Jade Sione Jayda _____ Sione (Not sure on a middle name) What one is best?

6 replies

Jayda Lee Sione sounds really nice but they are all nice!


Cooper Jack or Jackson Liam? Lock

hello, we are having a brother for Lachlan John on Monday (induced) and I am soooo stuck for a na...

2 replies

I really like Logan but I get what u mean about being close to Lachlan?! I prefer Cooper over Jackson? Cooper Will would be my choi...


please vote! final list Lock

Ok baby girl is due any day now brother and sister are kobee james and keeley jean middle name wi...

6 replies

I'd stick with the K' Kenzie or Kasey ( tho I still love Kalani ) Although I love Lylah! (I'd spell, it Lila...

Junto twins

Twin boys options- would value your opinion Lock

Hi ladies, we are having fraternal twin boys and have settled in two names we like. They are not ...

10 replies

I don't mind Matteo but not a fan of Hector?? Maybe Matteo & Harrison (nn Matty & Harry) or Matteo & Diego or Matt...


Camilla likes Stella, Nikita or Natalia. What do you think? Lock

I've searched through Huggies' Baby Names and I've finally shortlisted my favour...

7 replies

I love Nikita! Other suggestions ~ Dakota Luella Good luck deciding!


10 days to go - NO NAMES!!! Help! Lock

I have 10 days to go with our second child. Our first daughter is named Eva Giselle. We love the ...

14 replies

I do believe I have just seen your photo in the local paper - congrats

Unusual Girl Names?? Lock

I thought it would be easy thinking of another girl name so before the scan I spent all my time p...

55 replies

Hi i have a 19yr old daughter named Emmachay, her middle name is Elizabeth after my late mother, who never got to see her granddaugh...

How did you choose baby's middle name? Lock

Do you want something unique uncommon and French? Scarlett Dior sounds nice .... Dior means &quo...

19 replies

We love the name Scarlett. It suits our little girl so much... Scarlett Sophie & her little sister is Elora Adele. Both names su...


Sister for Lila Lock

We are having another baby girl and looking for a name that will go well with her sister's L...

8 replies

Thanks for all the great suggestions I'm loving Emelia / Emiliana, I also really like Miranda, but what nicknames would go with...


Top 3 girls names Lock

Just another name page:) what are your 3 top girls names?

17 replies

Valerie, Poppy ,or Daisy I could name a thousand daughters, but sons - sheesh-

Short boys middle name Lock

Blake Joel Ray

1 reply

Luis Rhys Beau Levi Jack Eli Gray Marc Grant Abel Drew Cruz Alec River Knox Nash Will Hugh Deon Pierce


Do you like Flynn? Is it common or not? Lock

I like it, think its becoming more popular but i have personally not met anyone with the name.

6 replies

I love the name Flynn. I personally don't know of any.


Carole likes Scarlett, Harper or Georgiana. What do you think? Lock

I've searched through Huggies' Baby Names and I've finally shortlisted my favour...

5 replies

I love Harper and Audrey.


Need a first name for middle name Noah Lock

Really want Noah as a middle name but stuck on first name ideas. I like Edison, but Edison Noah d...

6 replies

Fair enough but saying that our Noah gets called Noah not No My sister tried saying NoNo when he was born & I pulled her up as ...


Baby girl name heeeeeeeelp due in 4weeks Lock

I've searched through Huggies' Baby Names and I've finally shortlisted my favourit...

7 replies

For those who liked the name Aleah: Do you think "Aleah" is good spelling pronounced "Ah-leah"? We chose that ...


When you decided on a name did you... Lock

Keep it a secret or tell everyone? I'm just curious as to what others have done. I'm 2...

24 replies

I think Alexander Caleb sounds good together. Skubs, I Like Nathan. I prefer Nathaniel just to be a bit more different and then s...


Do Aurelia and Isla work as sibling names? Lock

Just wondering what people think? Not sure if it sounds odd with both ending in "a". ...

2 replies

I love the name Frances as in Frankie - that's my pick. Frankie and Isla. Oh and both my girls names end in a, not an issue f...


Help me choose a baby girl name :) Lock

I love Aria and Elsie. Followed by Lily and Ava, but they are very popular. I have Amarli which i...

5 replies

I've searched through Huggies' Baby Names and I've finally shortlisted my favourites. But I need your help to choos...

Ashton eli's mum

Help with boys names please :) Lock

hi, i'm new here with an almost 16 month old and a baby boy due in 5 weeks. I really need h...

6 replies

Thank you so much for all your suggestions. Funnily enough neither of us are fans of Xander but it is definitely a good idea. We...


Little brother for Lachlan John Lock

Help please! I'm really really stuck for a boys name and I'm expecting his arrival in ...

8 replies

Haha that is funny. We both must have good taste


Leila, Layla or Laila Lock

Help! We love this name but I am worried about the pronunciation. I want it to sound like Lay-l...

5 replies

I have a friend called Leila and it is pronounced Lay-la


Girls Name Help Lock

I have 11 weeks till bub no#2 arrives. We had Everly Winter picked up till this week due to 4 Eve...

8 replies

I also like Winter, Everly and Milla (pronounced Mill-a rather than Mee la) Everly Winter is a really pretty combo


when did you go into labor with each child? Lock

Hi laddies, I am sure this has been done and i have done a bit of research on it, but i just wa...

13 replies

Shazzler wrote: 2nd labour was way worse pain wise than my first smile I have heard this a lot, even my little sister said that h...