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Baby Names


Twin boys!

Hello, My sister in-law recently found out her twins are boys! These are her top boys names. C...

10 replies

I love Oscar and Max the best. they're all lovely names though, Flynn would also be a good pick imo. I wouldn't go with...


Baby boy names

Hubby and I are having a hard time choosing a name for out soon to be DS2! We want something un...

5 replies

I love Mason and Xander. Other suggestions Xavier Rylan Lincoln Archer Levi Leo Taj Cohen


Baby boy and baby girl names

Hi all. I am looking for opinions and suggestions on the following baby names. Hubby and I are ...

5 replies

Finn for a boy ( I am slightly bias as my ds is Finn) and Aria for a girl. Good luck


searching for the perfect boys name - two syllables.

Hi! We're expecting a baby boy in October and have no idea what to name him! Our last na...

9 replies

Adam and Joseph are both biblical names I like. Christian or Christopher and Samuel are ok too. Aside from biblical names, my fav 2 ...


decisions decisions...

Hubby & i are expecting baby 2 in 9 weeks. We have decided to not find out what we are having...

8 replies

Archer and Zara are great names


Hipster names

Lol not sure if hipster is an offensive way to describe these or not, but here is a list of diffe...

7 replies

Didn't know my own parents were hipsters until I saw my name on the list ahahaha


Stephanie likes Maeve, Saskia or Genevieve. What do you think?

I've searched through Huggies' Baby Names and I've finally shortlisted my favour...

4 replies

Genevieve for sure, then Saskia


That perfect name..

Does anyone else feel like they have heard every name possible and still can't find that per...

3 replies

While Hendrix may not be popular its still trendy to name boys a surname as a first name these days. Names like Harrison, Jackson, R...


This baby is going to have no name

I am 31 weeks tomorrow with #6 and I have no idea of what to call him/her. I don't want a c...

16 replies

Congrats!!!! Hope that everything continues to go well.


Shayden likes Alia. What do you think?

I've searched through Huggies' Baby Names and I've finally shortlisted my favour...

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Baby girl names help!

We dont know what we are having &have got 2boys names we love but cannot agree at all on girl...

4 replies

I have to say I love the name Isla. I'm bias cos that's what we have picked out for our third girl due in under 10wks


Stuck between 2 names

We are going to be having a little girl but are stuck between 2 names. Her middle name will be Ch...

11 replies

I like Samantha


Eloise or Matilda

Trying to decide on a girls name. Which do you think goes better with names Lewis and Henry? Also...

12 replies

I have a friend who has a little "Matilda" and they nickname her "Tilly". They get loads of compliments on her...

An Angels Gift <3

Idea for names.....really stumped.

We are having our 3rd baby nd this time decided not to find out. We found out our last 2. We hav...

3 replies

I do love the name Maddison and think that's the prettiest way to spell it. For middle names I'd suggest: Fae, Lilyanna, L...


Need opinions!

Weve got 3 weeks to go and still no name, we are leading towards Luca but my partner thought of t...

3 replies

I'm not sure on the name Ryker. I love Luca though. It's the perfect balance between common and uncommon.


Melinda likes Ruby, Grace or Elle. What do you think?

Grace has always been a favourite of mine it's a timeless classic. I also like Mia.

7 replies

I love Ruby!!! I have a Rhia so Mia is nice too


Perspective on Boy name

I like the name Hunter it's on a rather long list for our baby #3 and while trying to put it...

4 replies

The only way around it that I can think of is use a middle name that is more traditionally like a surname, like Hunter Clark for exa...


Another question...

I like the name Luca for my boys name but my partner has started to see it on websites as it bein...

6 replies

I have taught both boys and girls with the name Luca, but mainly boys. I now think of it as a unisex name.


Allira Raine? and help with boys names!!!

We are expecting our 4th bub but not sure of the gender yet, I think we're decided on a name...

3 replies

I'd go Raine. Edgar, Jeremiah, Augustus, Theodore, Atticus.


Girl name help please!

We have a 2 year old daughter Norah-Jane and are expecting again in Nov. 99% sure this baby is al...

7 replies

If you like the 'i' sound maybe Imogen Isadora Inga Ingrid


Middle Name help

I posted a while ago looking for help with a middle name for our daughter due in 5 weeks. We ha...

4 replies

Hazel may


Riley boy or girls name??

My husband really likes the name Riley (or would consider Rylee/Rylie spelling) for a girl. I lik...

7 replies

My cousin has just had a baby girl called Ryleigh.


Indi /Indy for a girl

I LOVE Indi / Indy at the moment for a girl. Any opinions?

14 replies

Yep they're both just Indi/Indie! I love short, sweet names! Good luck



Hi everyone, Im 40 weeks + 4 days and have no idea what to call our little girl so I was wonderin...

6 replies

If I ever have a girl I love the names Indi Lyla Ella Layla Annabel Charlotte Isabel I also like Hayley Chloe Paige Lily Ebony Mia...



So I have been pronouncing Allegra as Allgera forever and have only just figured out it's ac...

3 replies

Hope and Hysteria wrote: Sorry, but Allgera, pronounced Aljeera or Aljehra is a made up name either way. It sounds a bit like Algeb...


Which MN Layla or Evangeline to go with Scarlett?

I had my boy/girl twins 5 weeks ago now and still haven't come to a final decision for my da...

4 replies

Scarlett Evangeline. I actually really like Evangeline and Layla as first names.


Need help !

Hi All! I have a list of girls names I like but do t know which one I like best: Aspen, Reign, T...

3 replies

I like Aspen. Other suggestions Acacia Alaska Havana Winter Autumn



What are your thoughts on these names: Girls: Indi Ella Abby / Abbi Layla Lyla Anabell Mia Tyla ...

7 replies

Thanks for your opinions Girls names are soo much easier and cuter hehe

Purple shoes

ideas for a middle name for baby boy Emmett please :)

ideas for a middle name for baby boy Emmett please

11 replies

What's your maiden name? Depending on what it is it might work and be a nice way to use it.. We are using mine for this bubbas ...


A different perspective.

I was just wanting to know other peoples thoughts about adding a Y to the names Jade and Grace (J...

29 replies

Yes we're still very much in agreement with the boys name. But we also agree that we need to figure out a couple of other names...


Need baby boys names please

Just found out I'm having a boy can anyone give me any ideas of first and middle names or e...

2 replies

Thank you that's lots of names

Mummy of boys

Looking for Opinions!!! Really need some help :)

We just found out we are having our second boy and can't agree on a name. Our first son is ...

10 replies

Ohh, really like the suggestion of Rafferty My ds3 has a Rafferty in his class. (gets Rafi mostly) My ds1 has a name similar soun...


cant decide on a name...please help

So we are trying to decide on a baby girls name. I want to have Tracey as the middle name in memo...

5 replies

Thank you ladies I really appreciate your help. I really like Aria and hubby likes Summer so I guess we will have to wait until she...


Complete my sibset - Ann@belle, Edw@rd, Lucy and ...

Hi, Our 4th baby is due shortly. Our kids names are Ann@belle Charlotte Edw@rd Willi@m Lucy Be@...

6 replies

Clverfurth wrote: Hi, Our 4th baby is due shortly. Our kids names are Ann@belle Charlotte Edw@rd Willi@m Lucy Be@trice We don...


Rachel likes Xander, Zaine or Lorenz. What do you think?

I've searched through Huggies' Baby Names and I've finally shortlisted my favour...

1 reply

That's your short list???! Haha wow you have some deciding to do. I have a Xander & everyone comments what a great name it ...


Boys name help!

I like names that are known, easy to spell & not too popular. Any suggestions?? Boys names a...

4 replies

I didn't read the suggestions, but I like. Lincoln Rylan Taj Flynn Leo Heath Luca Joel Elijah


Middle name help

Hi I'm currently pregnant with a little girl and we have decided to name her Hazel after my ...

6 replies

Thank you for all the suggestions. There are so many lovely combos there. Just have to get my partner to agree to one. Some of my ...


Sibling name for Pippa

Hi, We are expecting our second daughter and im struggling with finding the right name for her. M...

8 replies

I think Esther is lovely. Other names that are similar style to Esther are Miriam Lenora Ruth Alice Rose Etta Adeline Cordelia Deli...


Girls Names help please :-)

Hiya, I am pregnant with baby number 2- we dont know what we are having but have some boys names ...

4 replies

Aaww thank you! Am off for a repeat scan tommorow as they couldnt get all the info needed last time so really hoping all is well! L...



What are your thoughts on the name Callan?

6 replies

Love it! Spunky, easy to spell & not too popular!