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Am I overreacting? Lock Rss

I have a close friend that just gave birth to a baby girl this morning. Anyway, before my husband and I ever got married we had already chosen names for our future children - one for a boy and one for a girl. I don't want to write the names incase my friend sees and she'll know it's me that wrote this. During her pregnancy, she had all these names that she wanted to name her baby if it was to be a girl, and I always told her the name that I wanted for a girl. It is a unque-ish name. Her fiancee told us this morning that they had a girl and they named her my name that I wanted! I felt happy about her having a baby, ofcourse, but abit jealous and resentfulat the same time, as I have always told her this name and she always had other ones that she liked for her children! Am I overreacting?? I mean, I may not ever have a girl. We are planning for 2 more children in the future, and I feel that if I have a girl in the near future, I can't name her that anymore. I tried to get past it, but I can't deny that I am upset over this. Even my husband this morning got a little pi$$ed off and said to me to keep my mouth shut in the future to close ppl about the names we want, as it really upset him too. Has anyone had this experience?

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i ahvent had the same problem, but I have told ppl the names I want and hopefully no one takes em before me. I ahve cousins all due round the same time so now I ma kinda scared! I would be pissed,e specially as she already had her own names she likes. I mean most of the names we choose come from names we have heard or put together so its understandable that she may have liked ur name, but she didnt need to use it, especially when it came from a frined. I would still name your child the name u like if u ever have a girl. Its obviously something both u and ur husband like. I had a name picke dout for my boy befroe my hubby and I wer married and we still used it for our boy, I had a girls name too, but my second is a boy. lol
Goodluck anyway.. i dont think ur overreacting, I would ahve been thesame...

Ashton 13/8/04, dylan 27/8/05, #3 due 22/9/07

I think considering the fact that you had always wanted to use this name if you had a girl and the fact that your friend knew that, it is really unfair what she has done. So no, I don't think you are overreacting, and I think you have every right to be upset.

I am assuming that she has probably planned on using this name for a while, that being the case, that fact that she has never mentioned it to you and has just sprung it upon you, is wrong. You say she is a close friend, so she really should have mentioned to you that she also really liked that name for a girl and was thinking about using it. I think the way she has gone about it is very deceitful.

Alex (NSW) - DS 20/3/2006

My mum wanted to call me Tarsha but my aunty wanted to use the name for her baby, so my mum relented and called me Tarnya instead, my cousin Tarsha is some 3 years younger than me and my mum had never forgiven your aunty... If i was you i would use the name anyway if you have a girl!!!! maybe you could vary the spelling a little or just ignore your friend.

I would be shirty at your friend it was very deceitful of her and i would let her know that in a round about way.... she had shown she cant be trusted, will your friendship last this tho?

Take Care

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firefoxy, you are not over reacting! i told my mum baby names that i had picked out for when we have a baby and she called her new puppy my baby girl name! i was furious, and still am.
Hi firefoxy,

Must have been a good name!!! smile

Now personally I do NOT think that you are overreacting. As names for babies are so personal. And to think that someone who is meant to be your friend would turn around and stab you in the back.

It may not have been so bad had she told you when she was pregnant that she was thinking about taking your name, that way you could have had a chat about it. But instead she just went and named her baby that leaving you to find out before its too late to say something about it. To me this means that she's a coward. She knew that you would be upset so decided to keep it quite.

I dont think that you could name your girl the same name because people would more then likely think that YOU COPIED HER not the other way around. Sad but true.

I hope that if you come up with a name it does not happen to you again.

By the way I am having a little girl 26th Dec, and we have named her Khiarah Jade. Have not been telling many people what named we have decided, for fear of the samething. Accept of course people in here, whom really it would not matter if they named their girl the samething.

Good luck


Well not quite the experience I had. But similar.
We named our son Lucas. He was born in 2000.
3 years later My husbands step sister named her boy Luke.
Nedless to say we were both peed off to say the least. So here we have a Lucas and a Luke in the same family and she gets quite annoyed at people when they accidently call her son Lucas. What does she expect. I just laugh it off when they do it.
But The ill feeling is still there I must admit.
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