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Having a GIRL Lock Rss

I'm 17 years old and due to have my first on the 27th of august though not quite sure.
I know I am having a girl.
I have 2 names picked out but b/f don't like them.
Nikki lee & Kaylee kim.
Any suggestions
What about Emily, Emma, Katie, Ashleigh, Kiara, Maddison, Isabel, Caitlyn, Kirsty or Georgia. There are some suggestions. But if you need some more ideas. Check in a baby names book it has thousand of girl names in it. Good luck


Hi Tamara
I have two girls and am having my third baby suppose to be a boy my two girls names are Mikayla Jean and Georgia Annalyse if this one happens to be a girl We hae Ava picked out the boys name we have picked out is Wyatt John.
Any way hope this helps regards Trish QLD
through my whole pregnancy i picked a girls name thinking we were going to have a girl it was Chantay or Jada. we picked the name when i was only 2months pregnant, we loved it so much but then towards the 7 1/2month mark we didnt want it to be a girl because we picked a boys name that we both really liked - we ended up having a boy, Kayden. And now if we were to have a girl we definatly would use Jada - its pretty and powerful! - check it out -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

Hi Tamara...

Congrats on your pregnancy, the two most popular girls names are Chloe and Emily, i love both of them, but i already had a Chloe and Emily is my neice's name!!!! lol

This time my hubby and I have chosen Catherine and Ainsleigh for a girl and Lachlan and Thomas for a boy...... we are not sure if we will find the sex of the baby before he/she is born but having a couple of names chosen, im sure when the baby is born we will know exactly what name suits them!!!

Good luck and let us know what you decide on!!!


Michael 11/08/99,Rebekah 24/04/02,Thomas 15/01/06

My husband and I are expecting our first on the 2nd September and we have been racking our brains for both girls and boyes names...

the other day out of the blue my husband suggested the name Laila for a girl. I fell in love with it straight away. I think it is such a pretty name. everyone has different opinions though... It is hard to pick names isn't it? harder than i ever imagined.


what about ava i have a boy and am due to have another boy on 25th aygust but that was our girls name
Hi, my little girl is Lilla (lil-la) i also loved milli but hubby did'nt, Good luck,you will no when you see her i did'nt have a name picked and when i seen her i new she was a lilla and i have never met another one yet. Nikki

Hi Tamara,

I am also a young mum 19 and 21 weeks pregnant. Baby due 26th dec.

I know that I am having a girl and we picked Khiarah Jade. with the help of a friend in here.

It is hard to think of names for other people because everyone has such different tastes in names etc. I found it hard to agree with my partner as he likes 'normal' names and I am more into the unique style of names. But when we came across Khiarah we knew that was the name for us. Maybe something will just fall into place for you like it did us. Who knows you may see you little baby and think nope she looks like a Katie. I know thats how my mum picked my name (Ebony Louise).

Hope you come with something and let us know what you think of. Good luck with your hunt.


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