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1 or 2 Middle names Lock Rss

Would you have 1 or 2 middle names for you child, my hubby and I are looking at names for our baby due in January, but because we like so many christian names my hubby wants to have 2 middle names, I have 2 middle names and find it is a pain cause they always get hypenated and people only every put 1 initial in most documents, what do you all think?

Michael 11/08/99,Rebekah 24/04/02,Thomas 15/01/06

My husband and I gave our daughter 2 middle names. The first middle name is a name we both liked and her second middle is my surname. But when I fill forms out I usually exclude her second middle name. It is up to our daughter if she wants to use it.

Mum to Three!!!!!

have 2 if you like my sister has 2 mmiddle names not sure what she does with documents etc

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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