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Is it a good idea to reveal? Lock Rss

I have just reveal our short-list to my family and in-laws. Both families have family names at stake and argue for them strongly.
Have I just started a feud between families as this is the first grand-child on both sides?
Has anyone else had a similar problem?

Our short list is: Charles, Emmanuel, Noah and Edward. And: Charlotte, Isabelle, Annabel, Amelia and Tabitha.
I would love to hear some neutral feedback with these names!

Iona, QLD, Bianca 9/9/05 and Sienna Lily 20/10/07

Hi Iona,
I take it this is your first bub, Congratulations.
How long to go????

It so hard to please everyone all of the time.

We found if we mentioned some names to people they would say please dont call them that or I dont like that name etc.
2nd time round we didn't name the boys umtil nearly a week later due to certain circumstances but found what they didnt know about the names the better.

If you really like a name then stick to it.
Family traditions in names are always going to be there somewhere.
You can go up to two middle names as my nephew has, but somewhere along the track someone is not going to like a name.
Can you use the family names as your middle names.
Our first born had no traditional names at all.
Then I had twins and they both have family middle names.
Hope this hasn't confused you any more.

I quite like all the names you have choosen, the main thing is go through the names and see what they can be shortened too as people will always do that and also spell out the initials, that can sometimes cause a few probs.
let us know what you decide

Sydney,twin boys 22/10/04+girl 26/03/02

It could work the other way. A friend told us what he would call his new baby if it were a girl, and I thought he was joking and said "You can't call her that!" (it was a Russian name and I thought it did not suit his nationality) His wife didn't like it either, so I was only backing her up. I should have kept my mouth shut as that was what they ended up calling her anyway. So, how bad do I feel now??? I'll be keeping my opinions to myself from now on, that's for sure. {Yes, we are still friends. LOL}

Twins' Mum, VIC, E & A born 4/04

Hi Beginner

I am too having our first baby and I have learnt to keep the names we are thinking of to ourselves. In the early stages of pregnancy I let a few names slip and when people made negative comments it upset me quite a bit.

People can turn you off a name you love by being negative so if you really like a name and want to use it you are best to keep it a secret.

Hope this helps



Everyone has their own opinion when you are naming a baby. I have told some people our choice but after doing so have regretted it because as its not a "traditional name" there has been more negative respose than positive because the name we chose was a little different, and really theres nothing wrong with names that are a little bit different in this day and age. I can assure you the name we chose isnt that way out either its just that the majority of people are conservitive when it comes to things like names and think you are strange if you differ to the majority.
Names can cause alot of sensitivity among familys and I have spoken to friends who revealed their name choice to family members and ended up having to change their choice to please family because they couldnt stand the tension it created. My advice is to keep name info between you and your partner and let it be a suprise for everyone else after baby is born. After all its your child and tough luck for anyone that decides your chosen name isnt to their liking. They will soon get used to it when they are admiring the baby.

sharon, mum to Zen born 27/05/05

I learnt my lesson when I had my first baby. No body on either side of the family liked the names we had picked out ( which were Mackenzie and Mitchell) and BOY did they tell us!!!!!. And even 3 years later and now pregnant with our second they still tell us how glad they are that we called her Gemma and not Mackenzie.
I still think both of the names we first chose first are great. But our families were sooo negative I just couldn't go through with it and call her Mackenzie.


P.S. This time we aren't even going to tell them what sex it is, just in case they have a problem with that too.

Mum to Three!!!!!

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