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  5. Any suggestions for "tough" boy's names??? (for my sister's bub!)

Any suggestions for "tough" boy's names??? (for my sister's bub!) Lock Rss

It must be easier to name our pets as our new puppy is called Cruiser
Bam (LOL yeah noe I'm going through the jackass guys)
Mmmm Johnny Knoxville - sorry I digress

If I think of anymore I'll come back smile


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

Hi, good to see that she found a name. Im due in August and we can't agree on any boy's names. He wants tough names, not girly ones! I met a girl last week who is calling her boy Matrix, as in the film. Bit weird, but the more I think about it the better it sounds. Its not easy to find tough names for boys!

Rebekah, baby Lachlan born 24/8/05

I am haveing a boy my partner and i agreed to one name. We brought a baby name book with like 500 popular names. we went through it and highlighted the names we like. Then we went through a second time and picked out a name we agreeded to. Expect we are keeping it a sercet till the birth just in case my hormones kick in and we change it but we haven't changed it. its all good. smile

It might help if they buy a baby name book.

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