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boys name... Kyan??? Lock Rss

I really like the name Kyan for a boys name. I'm not sure if it sounds too feminine as I got it from the show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. I haven't found it in any of my baby name books and don't know what it means. My husband likes Tate, and so do I, but we have a one syllable last name, will it sound too blunt? Any opinions?


It's a very nice name. I first heard when I had my daughter Maddison. after she was born I was moved to a room with a girl who had a baby boy 3 days before me and his name was Kyan. I would seriously consider it if I was to have a boy.


Hi, I to had that name picked out for my baby when I first found out I was having a boy. I got it frm Queer eye as well!!!! The hubby wasnt to keen on it though. So we have changed ours. But, it is still on my list of names. Our surname only has one syllable also. Goodluck in your choosing and with your pregnancy.

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I was going to call my son that too, it was my absolute favourite name but I had too much trouble convincing my partner. I don't think its at all feminine. some people are idiots and will ask "did you name him after that gay guy?" if that happens just slap them or kick them in the nuts. Its in my baby name book but for meaning it just says 'variation of Ryan'. I hope you go for it its the best name, good luck


how is it said? is it like ryan?

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I like the name Kyan. People may think of the TV show now but how long might that last? There are so many names to choose from that there will always be someone out there will the same name or something similar unless you want to create something new and unique.

I did a search on and found that Kyan is an African American name meaning 'Little King' so there isn't anything feminine about that. If you and hubby like it, I say go for it! Don't worry about what anyone else thinks.

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Thanks for all the comments. Kyan is still at the top of my list(it is pronounced like Ryan, I like that name too). I think I still need to convince the hubby. Maybe the fact that it means little king will help!


Kyan is a fabulous name, but my hubby was not convinced with it when we had our little boy..We named him Ashton - and love it!! good luck

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Love it! This is name we have picked if we have boy next time. It's not feminine at all I don't think ... especially if it means "Little King".

Go with it!

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i like the name kan as well. i know its from queer eye for a straight guy but i like the name and how it sounds and if it suits the child and its personality y not use it. let ur husband pick a name and u choose a name and then u will be even out and all is fair in love and war
Our first son is kyan & everyone comments what a great name it is... you do get asked how you pronounce it, we just say like ryan but with a k. Our second son is tayte - another name we get lots of positive comments on. We love the names because they are a little different but still easy to spell & understand. Good luck and keep us posted!
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