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Last Name Dilemma Lock Rss

Pos, the difference between changing the name from his to yours and yours to his is.....

That you cannot change the baby's name from his to yours unless he agrees to it.

And if this is the last boy in his family to carry on the name, are you really sure that he is going to agree to it?

I think its great that you are going to name the baby after the father, but just be aware that changing your baby's surname isn't as easy as some might like to think..

Laneisa, QLD, 5 kids + baby Flynn 24/02/05

I think also you can't apply for a passport or take the child out of the country on holiday without written permission from the father. Until the child is 18. Also if in the next 18 years if you wanted to live in another state you'd have to get written permission for that too. I know you might think now that this won't be a problem, but who knows what's going to happen in the next 18 years you might meet someone else and want to get married, live in another state or country or want to travel as a family. I just think you need to look into the legal issues a bit more before you take this risk, and base your decision on what's best for the baby in the long term.


Thanks for everyones faith in my relationship and making my own decisions. im name my baby whatever i like.
Hi Jodi
The comments I made were related to Michelle's post, her situation is different as she has broken up with her partner. I'm sorry if you thought they were intended for you.


My partner and I have had a very messy past. We were both too young (only just turned 18 still in school ect) when I fell pregnant with our daughter (now almost 4) long story short we broke up and used the time to grow up. I finnished school, he grew up. We both did. Now 4 1/2 coming on 5 years later we are together, Engaged and having our seccond child. Our daughter has my surname. I filled the paperwork out and we weren't speaking. She got my last name. When we get married he said that he wants to change his last name to mine. (People think I am mental. I say it's his choice but I'm not changing mine and our kids will have my surname)
Thus our next one (due the beginning of the year) will have my surname. We are thinking of either putting his surname as a middle name or a hyphenation. It's your choice what you do. A name is a name bub can have your name, his name or a totally new one. If you think there might be a future together maybe discuss it. If not then have a talk with a friend and bounce ideas off them. It's your decission in the long run. Don't let anyone take that from you.
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