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well my name is jacqui my husbands name is michael our 11 month old daughters name is makayla jane i need some help with boys and girls names that will suit us all suggestions will be great

Angel&Hope in heaven Makayla 29/12/03 &due 15/4/05


go to search and you can chose baby names from origin, boy-girl, starting with-ending with.
good site.
HI Jacqui,

I love the name Mikayla, and Jane goes so well with it.

Did you name her after her Dad? Or just a coincidence? (Michaela is the feminine form of Michael, I think you chose the prettier spelling)

What about naming bub after you? Either for a first or middle name.
You could have Jackson, Jacob or James (Jacqueline is the feminine form of Jacob & James)....
So from these you could get Jake, Jay, Jamie.

For girls you could still use Jamie, maybe spelt Jaime (from J'aime which is French for I Love You)

Hope this helps a little,
Kelly & Alannah

Kelly wink Mikki

angel and hope, makayla they are all gorgeous names. where did you come up with them?

depends do you want something different and unique? or something normal.

any specific letters you want it to start with???

Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

Thankyou well angel and hope i thought were good names for my twin girls i miscarred with i have always loved the name makayla for some reason well hubby wants michael as a boys name after him but i dont really want that so i was thinking mitchell cause its the closest im going to michael and for a girls name i dont have any idea i dont want a too common name i like real nice sweet names so any ideas anyone

Angel&Hope in heaven Makayla 29/12/03 &due 15/4/05

Hi Jacqui,
Did you read Mamaof1's post?? Mikayla is the feminine form of Michael, could he really imagine having 2 Michaels and a Mikayla all in one family!!!
I hope you can find common ground with your hubby. What about using hubby's middle name?
Good Luck

Ps I think you chose beautiful names for your twin girls, sorry for your loss.


thankyou well michael wants his "only" son if its a boy to be named exactly after him he has always wanted it makayla came up as a name i have always loved even before i meet hubby and i said makayla is frminine for michael but he still wont budge he said if i find a name he really likes for a boy then he will think about it but im yet to find one
well we will have some idea what names to look for we have our ultrasound tomorrow yay

Angel&Hope in heaven Makayla 29/12/03 &due 15/4/05

thankyou for all you help i really like Kiara and hubby doesnt like the boys names no offence but he is just too picky when it comes to a boys name i could name the baby anything as a girls name but not a boy

Angel&Hope in heaven Makayla 29/12/03 &due 15/4/05

hi jacqui!

i just found some more boys names that are similar to "michael". i wonder if you like any of these and if your husband would agree to them?

Miakoda Miamin
Micah Micaiah Mical Micha
Michael Michaele Michaeline
Michaelyn Michaiah Michail Michal Michalin
Micheal Micheil Michel Michela
Michelangelo Michele Micheline
Michie Michiko Michio Michmach Michmethah
Michon Michri Michtam Mick Mickey
Micky Micole Midas Middin Mide
Midian Midori Mielikki Miesha Miette
Mihaly Mihangel Mika Mikaa'il Mikael
Mikaili Mike Mikel
Mikele Mikell Mikella Mikelle Mikhail
Mikhalis Mikhos Miki Mikil Mikio
Mikkel Mikki Mikko Mikloth Miko
Mikolai Mikolaj Mikolas Mikolaus Miksa

hope i've helped some, but it's not very helpful when hubby is set on a name and won't budge. ....maybe you could think of a really disgusting name that you know hubby would not like and say that that's the name you want and you're not going to budge!....maybe then he might come around to compromising???!!! sorry, cheeky i know! wink

3 boy bundles of joy under 6, qld

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