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My baby Girl!!!!!!!!! Lock Rss

Hi i wanted to know the opinion of you girls and the two names i am stuck on for my little girl!!!!!!!!!!!

Zara Phoenix

Summer Jade

Please let me know thanks
I like Zara Phoenix the best
But both name are great!!!
All the best

Emma 19, Bailey Matthew 16/02/2006


I really like both those names but my first pick would be Summer Jade.

I love Summer!! That gets my vote

Mummy to Joe and Maggie

i think zara phoenix is absolutly gorgeous! i adore names that aren't common. summer jade is nice as well but zara is def my fav. good luck deciding.

naomi - girl due 27 nov

maya sian 2/12/06, ethan zane 26/6/09

I love Zara Phoenix, not too fussed on Summer though.

I like Zara Jade too.

They are both really beautiful names, but my favorite is Summer, it's really pretty and was on my list for my first child.

Good luck and *HUGS*


Mother of Lilly and 30 pregnant with twin girls

Lilly,6/ Paige,14mnths & my angel Maddy-SIDS

I've always liked the name Summer. We had a girl in highschool named Sommer Adams. Very lovely gal - beautiful blonde hair so the name was even more suitable (think they chose the "o" to make it a bit different).

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