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what do people think of this name for a boy Lock Rss

we are having our second child and hoping for a boy with names we have decided on tyrone what does everyone think of this name as when hes older friends could just call him ty

kellie, QLD, 1x girl and 1x boy

Hi there. Yep I like the name I especially like the name Ty. I have a 21mth old girl and am due in sept with another girl so we are a bit disappointed we can't use our boys name again that we had picked out, "Tynan Max" and we were going to shorten it to Ty. So good luck and hope you get your little boy. When is your due date?

"My Pink Trifecta" (Oct/06, Sept/06, Oct/08)

I really like Ty but not a huge fan of Tyrone......If it was me and you know you are going to shorten it to Ty all the time then I would probably just name him Ty. But then I have a little boy whose name is just Joe not Joesph.......I hope I havent offended you in anyway, I just think Ty is much cuter.

Mummy to Joe and Maggie

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