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Hi , having trouble picking out names, but two girls we have actually agreed on are Ella or Lexi .Does anyone have any suggestions for middle names.
We need help!

Cathy,NSW,Kira 6,Luke 5 & Baby Cody 2/3/2005

I think middle names are almost harder to choose because it needs to flow with the first name and fit in with the first and last.
What about......Lexi Samara....or...Ella Grace.
Don't know if these would fit with your last name.
These were the first to come to mind, will keep thinking and get back to you.
Good Luck


we picked middle names that meant some thing to our family. my eldest is brad richard, after my fil. middle son is blake john after my mils little brother who was killed by a car at 2, the youngest is ryan mika, a finnish name easy to say. i was born in finland but there were not any easy to say family names. maybe look into names in your family tree. or use your middle name. i was going to have kaarina for a girls name. if we had a girl. its my middle name & my mums. as the othere posts said grace or rose it nice ,

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

I like Ella Blue but I also think Rose and Grace make lovely middle names also.

Kym - Mum to Jada (27.09.01) & Colby (21.01.04)

Thanks for everyones suggestions and inputs it all helps. Once we get a girls name sorted we will have to work on a boys name!!!

Cathy,NSW,Kira 6,Luke 5 & Baby Cody 2/3/2005

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