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FLUTTAH-BYE ~~~~D'ARTAGNAN means~~~~ Lock Rss

after reading fluttah-byes message that she hasnt found the meaning of her sons name i decided to do a search and the only things i came up with was....

NAME Dartagnan
MEANING leader


D'Artagnan (dar TAY nee yen or dar teh NYON in French) = Name of the 'fourth musketeer' in the novel The Three Musketeers, synominous with truth, honor, youthful exuberance and commitment.


It means "From Artagnan"... Artagnan is a place in France.


Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

thanks soooo much eilishsmummy! after writing that post, i thought i'd give it another try. i came across a whole heap of info about THE REAL d'artagnan and the movies about him and the fact that he was of whom their character was based. i didn't come across a whole lot else, except the bit about "to be from or of 'artagnan'-a town in france"!!!...which kinda disappointed me as i thought it was gonna have this really cool, deep meaning!
so, again, thanks sooo much! 8)

3 boy bundles of joy under 6, qld

....p.s. the meaning "leader" really suits him...he struts around here like he's the LEADER of the house!!! he's also one of the more dominant ones in a crowd of kids! tongue

3 boy bundles of joy under 6, qld

This is turning into a really long conversation, with nothing to do with the topic! It's good to talk to someone, I am so bored lately I am spending way too much time on the internet. Where abouts in the country do you live? Is it far from the hospital? Are you having a hospital birth? I didn't get offered anything else, I was just told it was the cheapest option and they booked it. I remember you mentioned once that you had to drive to see your midwife, doesn't she come to you?

Natasha,toddler and newbie

i live in the waikato. in a really little town. i spend heaps of time here hoping to have bubz at a birthing unit-unless she has other ideas, its about 30 mins away. waikato hospital is about an hour should have had the option of where ever you want to have should have asked.i was giving the option of waikato,the birthing unit im going to and a different hospital but after discussing it we decided that the birthing unit was best as it is staffed by midwives and they pay more attention as it is a small place-if something goes wrong waikato is 10 mins by ambulance from the unit.
my midwife does come to see me but at the moment they are doing really bad roadworks and she doesnt like coming all the way out. i do my grocery and other shopping anyway so its no hassel.
i get a tour of the birthing unit on tuesday and we discuss my bith plan and stuff.

geez look at me-talk talk talk......

hope all is good with you. if you want to email me my addy is:
or my msn is

natasha jayde - 1-1-05 ttc #2 end ong this year

It's OK. I did research of my own and I would have chosen the hospital anyway. There are so many people living in Auckland that you pretty much have to book into the clinics before you conceive. They have just moved National Women's to Auckland Hospital, which is about 10 mins away from where I live unless there is bad traffic: then it could take an hour. Hopefully baby will arrive in the middle of the night when there is no traffic! I am doing well although I am starting to get back aches which isn't nice! I think I am finally starting to look pregnant as two customers asked me when I due on Sat at work. Yay! Maybe now I look pregnant customers won't expect me to haul their purchases around. Plus it's nice when people chat to you about babies, everyone seems to love talking about babies, apart from a few people who disapprove, but I just laugh because they don't even know me or my partner. Man! I do tend to blab on don't I. I hope you are doing well, I will probably e-mail you. My address is Bye!

Natasha,toddler and newbie

if one more person asks when im due/do i know what im having/am i excited/is it my first one? i will go bonkers. i feel like tatooing the information across my forehead or on a shirt. i was in the supermarket in hamilton the other week and the checkout operator kept going on about how her daughter had just had her baby adn stuff. i cannot walk a few metres in town or anywhere without getting stopped and questioned. i met the mailman at the letter box the other morning and he just said "i see you havent popped yet"

i blabber on heaps too-serves me right for discussing with he cat this morning as to whether we should have an angel or star on top of the christmas tree.

natasha jayde - 1-1-05 ttc #2 end ong this year

I guess I will get sick of it soon too. I am worried about taking the baby out because people seem to think they have the right to touch your baby even though they are complete strangers! It sounds a bit petty but I just don't like the idea of strange people picking up and kissing my child. My partner is worse than I am, he would probably have a screaming fit at anyone who touched his child without permission.
My cat is my constant companion too. We have three cats, but my little one is a real homebody. He sleeps with me at night, constantly checks on me during the day and has an afternoon nap with me at 3:00. If I am not feeling well he sits with me all day, He likes sitting on my tummy and purring at the baby, I'm waiting for the day he gets kicked he will get such a fright.

Natasha,toddler and newbie

HI girls,

I was just flicking though and found you girls way off the original topic but I can really relate to what you've been saying.

I worked in a mall when I was pregnant and had people asking every question under the sun all day, when's bub due? Do you know what you're having? when are you finishing work? Are you coming back to work? Is this your first?
Well towards the end I got so sick of all the questions that I started giving sarcastic answers...
'Bub is due at 40 weeks'. 'I think I'm having a baby'. 'I finish work at 6, why?' 'Yes, I'm coming back to work tomorrow'. 'First what? Do you mean my first day? No I've been here for 4 years.' It was worse when I'd serve really rude older ladies who changed their tone when the realised I was preggas.

Now we get stopped everywhere we go getting little bits of advice from perfect strangers. Once an older lady stopped me and said 'I hope you don't mind but when you pick up your baby make sure you support her neck, I've heard if you don't it could cause brain damage', well Alannah has always been good with her head & neck control and I was always careful but I didn't treat her like a china doll.

And another time (we were out shopping) Alannah was tired, I was trying to get her to sleep and a lady said 'it's dinner time', I'd just fed her so I turned to the lady and said 'no, it's sleep time' then Alannah started choking from crying so much and another older lady came over and said 'are you choking that baby?' I was upset enough as it was because my baby was tired & upset, so I turned to her and said 'Yes and I'm doing it on purpose'.
Well that shut her up! and the group of ladies left, disgusted that I'd talked to them like that. I guess it was rude of me, but I was just so sick of people trying to tell me what my baby wanted/needed when they don't even know her. (winge, winge, winge)
Sorry I fell into the winge-pit, not usually like that.

Now when we go out we usually just get "isn't she a beautiful baby', 'how old is she?', these I can handle but sometimes I fell like handing out a flier with all her details so we don't get all the questions!!

But she is a beautiful, happy baby so I should just be happy that she's so perfect and people are looking at her because of that and not because there's something wrong with her.

Man I can chat this morning, DH has gone away for a few days so feeling lonely already.
Hope you all have a good day
Take care
Kelly & Alannah

Kelly wink Mikki

they should make those little yellow sign that people have in the back of their cars for buggies-dont touch- or else mum or dad will bite.

natasha jayde - 1-1-05 ttc #2 end ong this year

feel free to join in.
people like staring at my belly-one day i turned around and said "its a stomach, have you never seen one before, would you like me to take a picture, then you can take it home and look at it whenever you like.

i can always chat and chat and chat.......

natasha jayde - 1-1-05 ttc #2 end ong this year

Hi Hollie
We have a digital camera and can print pics off the comp, I've often thought of taking a pic of Alannah and printing off those little passport size pics and handing them out to people who stare!! But then I think it's an invasion of Alannahs privacy so I never would.
You've already chosen a name for your bub haven't you? Is it Natasha?What about a middle name?
Sometimes I find it hard to keep up with everyone on this site, I think I read too many posts that I don't contribute to and end up getting myself all confused.
Alannah and I were supposed to be going away with HD to Hanmer today but he's only going for a few days now (instead of a week) so we thought we'd just stay at home. Alannah was so happy to be home after a long weekend up near Picton, It's amazing that even a wee bub knows when she's home.
Kelly & Alannah

Kelly wink Mikki

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