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I am due with my first baby 06.11.04. my partner and I had decided on a lovely girls name Amelia and had decided to keep it to ourselves as we did not want to hear negative comments from relatives or friends which may have altered our decision. Recently we found out that a very close relative (in law) to our brother who is due jan 05 has announced she will be naming her child the name we liked.

I guess i really need some advise as to what i should do? i know i am due first but would hate this person to think i have taken the name she liked but, then in the same token am dissappointed i have to try and choose a different name.

Does anyone have any advise from past experiences that could be helpfull?

Filomena, 1st baby due 6.11.04

hi Filomina.
this has just happened to a friend of mine. Her and her hubby picked out Cooper for a boy, they only told a couple of people, one being their 6 yr old son.
Her cousin had a baby boy 5 weeks prior to her due date and named him Cooper also. my friend was pretty upset too. her son already identified with her unborn baby as Cooper and she really didnt want to change it.
My advice to her was to think about whether the two babys will be close and grow up together. if you are only going to be seeing the other child at special occasions, surley having two children with the same name wont be too bad. if they are going to be constantly in and out of each others lives, it might get a bit confusing.
its really hard to name a baby so if you had your heart set on amelia, go for it, im sure the other person will get over it.
hope i helped!
P.S my friend named her baby Cooper.

The Deeks 07/08/02, Googie 23/11/04

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