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Any other mums with little boys named Jayden ?? Lock Rss

Hi Jayden mums
Let us share and boast about how the name Jayden is such a beautiful little boys name shall we !! ahaha

Well it was a toss between James or Jayden. There was no other boys name my husband and I could decide on !

Jayden it is ! Do you know it means God has heard ?

8 month old

Hi ya my name is Jodie and I must agree Jayden is a lovely name. My hubby and I couldn't really decide on a boys name either, plus the fact that as I was hoping for a girl (at first )we had agreed to call her Jade but when we found out it was a boy well we liked Jayden!!!My ones 8 months how old is yours?
My Step Daughter is a Jaaden, I think her name gorgeous and it really suits her. She is picked on a lot at school as people tell her she has a boys name, but up until now I had not come across any boys with that name. I think it is a good unisex name.

Lisa - Tyler (06/05), Emily (05/07)

i really like that name but at the same time it makes me think of that poor baby jayden leskie who was so brutally murdered

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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