I'm 30 weeks, expecting a boy, and can still only come up with one name that my husband likes too... It's Van (after Van Morrison)... although his first comments were "it's not as bad as the others" he has warmed to it!! Hubby is in the same position, he likes Hunter but I know way too many people with kids already named that, some of them quite close to me. We agreed that I get final say on the first name, hubby gets the middle name - to which he said none because he doesn't have one. Looks like our son will have a very short name (our surname is only 5 letters).

Could this be the only name for us? I did worry for a short time that he might get teased due to the vehicle association but then realised that lots of people call their kids things like Ford, Harley, Mercedes, Diesel etc. Plus kids get teased about anything and everything.

What if he doesn't "suit" this name?! Help!