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Roxie Savage?? Rss

My husband and I both love the name Roxie but our surname is Savage. We have had some not so positive feedback on the name Roxie Savage but some people love it. We’d love some honest impartial advice on whether you think this is a good name?
My first opinion is that it's an 'edgy' name - and unique!

You obviously can't get around the surname (which is rough and edgy in itself) but to be fair, on a daily basis, she'd be referred to as 'Roxie' which is a very pretty name. It depends on the vibe you're going for I suppose?

Some of our family members had a go at guessing what we plan on naming our baby girl.... and unbeknownst to them someone actually guessed correctly and then proceeded to carry on about how they once "knew someone with that name, and blah blah blah" and carried on about how they don't like the name because of their own personal experience.

At the end of the day, if it feels right for YOU, then go for it. We've chosen to keep our mouths shut (regarding names) for this reason alone.... we just don't want to be swayed against something we really like.
Hello.In my opinion, it's really unique.I like it.It sounds very allergic.I must suggest you that you can do with it also.It's not a big deal if your surname is not too much match with it.But not really different from this name.Both are unique and good names.You are not always calling with the full name.You called them Roxie and it's sound good.
Hey Nikki! The name is very cute, as for me. But the surname is a bit out of the line, I suppose. Try thinking of a different surname? A lot of children have different surnames than their family. So, it's going to be cool. The child will feel pride in herself. Who decided the name by the way? I'll suggest it to one of my friends, too.
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