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Is calling our baby this cruel? Lock Rss

Hi everyone.
So I am due to have my first baby girl in 8 weeks - its taken my partner & I this entire time to finally agree on a name. Thea

My partners (& baby) last name is Watts - meaning she will be T.Watts (Twats).

My partner doesnt think its an issue and im over thinking it.. but i know how kids can be cruel.

Im just wondering what other peoples opinion is on this, if you think its an issue, or not, or if there is some kind of solution so we can still use the name Thea.

I suggested hyphenating our surnames but my partner said No Way!

Any help would be greatly appreciated
Thea is a wonderful name. Yes, kids can be cruel. But honestly, look at the language kids use today. Nobody will even know what a Twat is. I wouldn't worry about it. Thea is beautiful.
Even if some snotty kid does figure it out, teach little Thea to be proud of her name. It's different and the little snot kid will probably be named John.
I agree with the comment above. Thea is a beautiful name! I wouldn't get to bogged down with worrying about bullying from other children (if kids want to be mean they don't need a reason {like someones iniatials} to be mean).
Thea is a gorgeous name and it will be on very rare occasions that her name will be written down and seen by others as T.Watts during her school life.

And a big congratulations also. xx

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