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What do you think of Chip for a boy? Lock Rss

Hi we are expecting a little boy next year and wanted something different. My hubby is worried about this name... that it might be too different.
But our daughters name is Dixie so I think it might work? Thoughts?
I like it as a nickname for a Christopher type name, which have heaps of variants (eg Kristoff), but as a stand alone name, it's not too different, but far too nicknamey, kind of like naming your child Sonny Boy. One of my kids nickname is Kit Kat, but probably wouldn't put that on the birth certificate IYKWIM.
Congrats! Chip sounds more like an American name I think. i think its cute as a nickname here, but I always say have a few options, as bubs may come and not look like the name you have. It's happened to a few friends of ours - they've had these names in mind and ended up going a whole different direction as bubs just didn't look like the name if that makes sense! All the best!
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