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Need ideas for our 2nd baby boy.

Names we have thrown around include Oscar, Cohen, Dexter, Felix, Jasper, Asher, Marshall but we can't settle on anything.
I really like Cohen, Marshall is a character on Paw Patrol, but if that doesn't bother you then that's cool too. ????
How about James or Charlie?
I like jasper smile
Sometimes, bubs doesn't look like the name you've picked for him.

I quite like Felix and Asher as names, but I like to try and pick a name that might suit my family's names (silly, I know, but i love it haha).
For example, one of our couple friend's are expecting and both their first initials is R, so we're guessing their bubs name will start with an R too.
Another friend who recently had her 3rd gave her son a name starting with i because their current initials are J, K, L, M which was a nice accident, so it was either going to be an I name, or N name!
Although my baby girl's name didn't follow this nice cutesy pattern, so her name is not similar or follow a pattern with mine and hubby's lol. So perhaps for whenever we get to baby number 2 we can try and work this in lol
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