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In need of a unique Baby Girl Name Lock Rss

Hi All I'm due to have my 4th Child in a couple of weeks and I'm struggling to pick out a name for her... I have always wanted to name 1 of my daughters Zaiahna-Leah (was gonna be lee not leah) but others want me to have at least a few options open (the father) lol. I have had a look at a few other topics on this site about baby names and like
Amarli-Grace and I thought of Avianna-Leah... Just wondering if anyone had any suggestions or thoughts on the names I've so far picked lol My three elder kids names are Jahneiro (boy) Allaneyce (girl) and Kyvorn-Leo (boy) so I would love for my new baby to have a nice name too... thanks for reading smile

Hi Kkenak,

Love the names of your three kids! So unique. Picking names can be a little difficult sometimes but it's fun too, right? smile I'd suggest Leontyne-Blythe. smile Leontyne means shining light while Blythe is cheerful.

Good luck and congratulations! smile

I will suggest you some names:

I think Zaiahnalee is unique haha! just a combo of Zaiahna and Lea you mentioned. ...
My daughters are Safahri-Jade and Leilahni-Rayne.

Changed spelling to be unique but I also like 'ah' in names as I have it in mine, Tahnee-Jade.

Wow loving these unique names!! Sorry I don't have suggestions, but I will add my vote that I love Zaiahna-Leah... hope you get your way wink
(never know.. she might come out looking and fitting just like the name!) Goodluck x
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