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Hi all. I'm currently 34 weeks pregnant with baby no3 and its a girl. We have chosen the first name Abigail and we thinking about the middle name Elizabeth (my mum's middle name) but the surname is Taylor so dont know about Elizabeth Taylor together. Only other one I like instead is Elise.
Does anyone have any other suggestions or preference of the two I have as suggestions?
Both are nice names.

I personally prefer Elise - I think a longer name like Abigail sounds great with a shorter middle name. And I like the 'S' ending of Elise. Another option is Iris - Abigail Iris (for the same reasons as Elise).

In saying that, i also like family names for middle names, so if you do choose Elizabeth to honour your mum, I wouldn't worry about the Elizabeth Taylor bit - there wouldn't really be a time were you just say her middle and surname together.
Abigail Elizabeth Taylor is a beautiful name. I'd go with the family name and not worry about it.

Also I doubt my kids (who are young) and my nieces (teenagers) even know who Elizabeth Taylor is so doubt it'll be noticed by your daughter for many years.
Both are really beautiful choices and work well.

I wouldn't worry about the Elizabeth + Taylor being together because as someone has already said it would be very unlikely that someone would call her by her middle & surname alone. Out of the two you are choosing between though, whilst Elise is shorter and does roll off the tongue alot easier, Elizabeth has more meaning which will end up mattering more some where down the track probably.

I would go with Elizabeth as her middle name. It sounds really elegant! grin
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