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Please. Help!! Lock Rss

We are currently pregnant with baby no3 we have 2 boys and I have always struggled with girls names. I have finally found a girls name that I LOVE! But i have just realised that there is an issue cause of our surname. I would love to know your honest opinion as I am shattered and my husband is trying to tell me that it's not that bad.
Arrow Poynton

Please help. Like I said I'm shattered cause I don't think I'll find a girls name that I love as much
Sorry please excuse me but How do you pronounce your last name?
Like pointin
So it's like arrow pointing
It's not that bad at all. I would suggest adding a second name like Arrow Shea (irish for majestic).

let me know how it goes.
Have you thought about hyphenating the first name? Might help soften the name a little. For example Arrow-Jane?....Just an idea, best of luck
When I read the name ... then said the name out loud ... i genuinely couldnt work out what the issue was? THen I read what your concern was about the pronounciation ... as a stranger to you, i honestly do not think there is an issue there with the name at all. THATS just me though. I can understand WHY you might feel concerned. But it really doesnt sound as bad as what you think.

I agree with the person who has suggested perhaps making it a hyphenated name ... then perhaps using those initals as a nickname. So as they have already said .. if you chose Arrow-Jane, this could be AJ as a nickname, which is an awesome nickname for a girl! Also just have to say Arrow is a really unique name. AMAZING CHOICE. Ive never heard of that before.

Some other considerations could be:
Arrow-Mae Poynton
Arrow-Lea Poynton
Arrow-Jade Poynton

All the best. I think your onto a winner here with this name! Very unique indeed.
I think it sounds fine. I wouldn't have thought of Arrow Pointing, I think most wouldn't make the connection.
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