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Please help!!! Too Twilight? Lock Rss

Hi all,
This is my first post!
I need some help with my first baby's name. Husband and I are having a girl and his surname has been quite problematic as some of the best girls' names rhyme with it - think Lily. So, we have two family names that we adore, Isabel for a girl and Jacob for a boy. But is this too Twilight? Would people assume we named our kids after this?
I would be more willing to change Isabel but really don't want to... Should I even be thinking of going with another girl's name considering I'm thinking of a boy's name for a boy we may never have?
The other names we kind of like are Ivy and husband likes Eleanor. But I don't really like Eleanor...
Thoughts? Please help me! I'm driving myself insane!
Jacob is a great name, I was going to name my son Jacob but instead chose Tyson coz my partner liked it too, the name Jacob was around well before twilight so ignore that. I don't like Eleanor either, it's abit too much like an old lady's name, I do love Ivy though. Good luck with your decision making! My son wasnt named for a few days after he was born coz I couldn't decide! Naming is fun lol

Oh and Isabel is very cute, personally I like Bellamy better. If I have a girl one day she's going to be a Bella. I love it. Not because of twilight either, I just like it. It's very girly and feminine. It wouldn't really matter if ppl though you named your kids after twilight, as long as u know the truth, who cares what others think!

*Bella not Bellamy* LOL stupid auto correct!

Bella is so cute!!!! I think it will be gorgeous with Tyson smile
In Twilight Bella's full name is Isabella - not Isabel so definitely not.

That's true. I thought that since the names are so similar it might be an issue. But I'm glad it's not! Thanks smile
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