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  5. hi I'm due in 3 weeks and would love some naming help

hi I'm due in 3 weeks and would love some naming help Lock Rss

Hi my little surprise baby is due in 3 weeks and hubby and i aren't really talking names yet.. he's not interested, but i like to be organised and know what i like..

anyway we have 2 girls Georgia Nicole and April Louise and our surname is Romanowski..

I'm looking for a name that will go with what we have well. but i have a few naming rules.

it can't start with G or A, it can't end in 'a' like Georgia or 'l' like April or 'ee' like romanowski

what I'm thinking so far is


James - the one name hubby has suggested but i think is too common

do any of these go better? you totally hate? I'm very open to suggestions

thank you
Not sure about girls names, I always found the girls names harder.

In regards to boys my favourite is Cameron, then Liam, then Isaac. All three of these we're on our boys list. I don't mind James, but it is common and wasn't an option for us as it is DF's name.

Good luck!

Great bump pic too!

I like the name Claire but out of the 2 i would choose Erin, for the boys i like Liam, Isaac and cameron in that order smile
this is the bump pic from when i was due my second daughter

i think i have my heart set on Zoe ( Zoe Claire or Zoe Isabel) and Isaac James

with 13 days to go i hope hubby likes them - he doesn't seem to want to talk about names - ever lol
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