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Twin number 2 has no name! Lock Rss

Hi all,
I am due with twin boys in August and still have no name for one of my babies.
We love Harry so this is locked in for one of our little guys.
Here is a list so far, what do you think goes best with Harry? Any other suggestions?

Harry and Thomas
Harry and Oscar
Harry and Lewis
Harry and Jack
Harry and Flynn sound good not so common
I like Harry & Thomas

Good luck choosing!

hi there congratulations on expecting twins how exciting.

I have 4 cherubs first& middle names are =
Georgia Elaine (her nicknames are Gerogi & George), Harry David, Jack Henry & Max Thomas

so obviously i like the first and the last wink all the best!
Congratulations! We had twins and we struggled to think of two boys names as well but we had a boy and girl so we only needed one!
I like the sound of Harry and Thomas from your list. Good luck deciding smile
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