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Popularity of Chloe... Lock Rss

So we keep going back to Chloe for a name choice for our daughter due soon. Only its been in the top 20 for at least the past five years! I'm not sure how much it really matters though. Its getting so frustrating trying to find a name that is not too wacky, that we like, that isn't in the top 20. Its seems all the best names are popular for a reason. Interested in how many Chloes you might know of, and thoughts of whether the name is more trendy, or classic these days? smile

Chloe is a lovely name and I don't think it's too popular.

I know of a few Chloes but they are not all in the same age bracket. There are none at my son's preschool. Unlike the name Jack where you will often find 2 or more in the same class at school etc.

There are 3 Chloe's in my church congregation, but one is 4, one a teenager and one adult. So I think it's a classic name.

I think Chloe is a lovely name, and off the top of my head I can't think of any young ones I know named Chloe smile

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