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need help with baby girl name Lock Rss

My partner and i are having trouble coming up with a girls name for our 2nd child we are wanting something that isnt too popular but pretty.. we already have a Hallie Rose

We have picked Braxton Ryan for a boy
I immediately thought Dayna Marie when I read your post
Other suggestions... Seren, Renee, Cerys, Lani, Danica, Macey, Chloe, Clara, Sharn, Sydney, Shinae/Shinaye, Cora, Lacey, Lauren, Amberlee, Kealah (Kee-ah-la), Coby, Quinn, Layla, Tahlia, Katie, Tori, Veronica, Vanya/Vanja, Keagan, Shari, Jasmine, Sasha, Vanessa, Gretal, Chantelle, Molly, Simone, Giselle, Chantilly, Kendyl/Kendall, Monica, Nadia, Monique, Layne, Nyla, Kenzie,
My girls are Stella and Matilda smile
Shanaya is pretty, Evie is pretty too or maybe Ivy.

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