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Options on Amanda vs Mandy Lock Rss

So I'll be honest its not for a baby.
My name is Amanda and I've always been Amanda or nicknames non related to my name. Growing up I hated Mandy thought it was girly and ditzy. A couple of groups of people have started using it and I don't hate it.
What do you think when you hear Amanda and Mandy?
Thanks mummas
To be honest I don't like the name Amanda simply because if one Friend I use to have in school and she turned out to be a complete douche but I do like Mandy/mandii
But that's like me my name is tamykka was never a fan of it coz no one else had it and people are always spelling and pronouncing it wrong don't like the nick name tamy but love my nick name mykka (me-car) but no one calls me that except my mum sometimes
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