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Need a boys name!!! Help!! Lock Rss

So we are expecting our second child in early October, we don't know the gender yet but we like to have names ready!! We already have a girls name picked from the last pregnancy that we love, but have drawn a complete blank on a boys name!!! Our first born is named Jackson, and we like relatively normal names, but not super common (eg. Matthew, John, David etc.) Anyone have any ideas!? help!!!!!!

Hi Natalie,
We have the same problem, or second is due in November and we have a girls name but can't seem to think of any boys names we really like.

Maybe try what my husband and I do, watch the credits! After a movie has finished playing we sit through the credits calling out all of the names with our last name.

I have a boys name that I really like but I don't think my husband will go for it so I'm still looking for others. I started with the nickname I liked 'Ben' (since our first gets called by her shortened name most of the time) and then looked at all of the extended versions and I came across 'Bennet' I have no idea why I like it but it has just sort of grabbed me.

Good luck in the search.

Leah, it's so hard hay!
That's a great idea I might start doing that!
Makes it so hard when I picked out a few names I like (Ryder, Mason, Alex, Riley) and he hates them!!! Haha and when I ask what names he likes he doesn't have any! I literally spent one night going through so many names and calling them all out, he didn't say yes to a single name! Atleast we still have over 20+ weeks to decide!! Haha

Hey Natalie,
It's annoying when they don't like your names but don't come up with any of their own.

Last night we tried writing down A-Z and then listing one boys name and one girls name for each letter and seeing which (if any) of our names matched. We got 6 matches and they were all girls names!

Ryder was on my short list too but it got the thumbs down from hubby. sigh. Good luck and let me know if you reach a decision. We have a huge family, mostly boys so there are so many names we already can't use as they belong to cousins!

Keep hunting grin

We have alot of girls throughout my family and not many boys, so I thought it would be so much harder with a girls name! But we had a girls picked straight away with the last pregnancy that we will use if it's a girl! But a boys name is just so hard!!!! Especially because everything I suggest he doesn't like!!! Hahaha! I'm starting to think the baby will come and we still won't have a name!!! tongue

Riley is a good name!!! That's what we called our son. At 1st it was turned down then a few months later he mentioned it like he came up with it lol. I also like
Mackenzie or kenzie

I'm either not allowed them or someone close to us has the same or similar names

How about:


Thanks everyone!!!! Some really great name suggestions, definitely going to bring them up with the partner and hopefully convince him on a few!!!!

Same! I have heaps of girls names I love but struggling for boys. Not worrying about it too much until we find out the gender as like I said if it's a girl we are covered. For boys the only name hubby & I both like is Samson but neither of us a sure if we absolutely love it.

Hey, not much help here but wanted to share that with my second we didn't find out the sex and struggled so much with boys names (already have a son) but had a girls name picked out.
I went into labour 9 days early and we still didn't have a boys name picked (and of course we had another boy!). We didn't pick a name until the following morning and I swore I'd never be one of those people who didn't name their child straight away, eek! Smile.
On his name tag and blue book it just said 'baby of Elle Kowald'.

My husband ended up just letting me have the final say but he says now (18 months down the track) that he isn't a huge fan of our son's name! So frustrating and a little late now. Men! And I'm surrounded by them too grin

Good luck.

My boys names are Rhys and Travis.
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