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picking names for twins??/ Lock Rss

we don't know what we are having yet as we are only early..
we have got our girls names for two girls but now struggling with two boy names. I think this may be because we both really want two more girls.
we have a large family already. we have Kaisha, Joel, Kira, James, Courtney, Jessica and Roxie. My name is Selena, husband is Matt. Just coincidence that we have all j and k names as we are a blended family. lol
Girls names we have are Sophie Paige and Aimee Rae ( same sounds and syllables but different). boys we have no idea????

We found boys names the hardest.

Our twin boys are Riley Stephen and Brodie Micheal.

Girls names were way easier.

Looks like you have plenty of time to decide. Just wait and see. Are you finding out what your having?

yeah I will find out what they are but that's a while away yet. my husbands family is full of twins and this is the first pregnancy we have together if you get what I mean. We only got married last week.

Jacob & Toby
Max & Noah
Hunter & Chase
Owen & Riley

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