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Pronunciation of this name? Lock Rss

Day Mon definitely unless your a kiwi
I'd pronounce it as Day-mun

Hopeful Hippo wrote:
Our good friend's name is Damon. We pronounce it Day-men. When he introduces himself he goes a bit over the top and says Day-MON, because otherwise people think he's called David, Damien etc. it's amazing how people don't listen or mishear names when they aren't 100% common!

He probably says Day-MON because you, his good friends are pronouncing it wrong...... and hes trying to correct it from the start. If he says Day-mon what do you say Day-men??

Katieweston82 wrote:
Day Mon definitely unless your a kiwi

Typical aussie gets it wrong again LOL
I'm a kiwi and if its spelt Damon then its said Day-mon
I don't understand those people saying Day-min or Day-mun. That's not how its spelt so why would you say it like that?

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