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  5. Helen likes Ari, Aili or Viva. What do you think?

Helen likes Ari, Aili or Viva. What do you think? Rss

I've searched through Huggies' Baby Names and I've finally shortlisted my favourites. But I need your help to choose the best! I can't decide between these names:

  • Ari
  • Aili
  • Viva
  • Emmeline
Vote for your favourite here:

And let me know what do you think of the names from my list? I'd love to hear your opinion!
I only like Emmeline, nickname Emme or just Emme.

Emiliana is another name I've heard.

Emmeline . viva reminds me of the paper towels sorry.
I like Viva and Ari smile
I like aili

Ari or Emmeline but I prefer Emme even more!
TBH Aili looks unfinished to me & Viva just makes me
add Las Vegas to it!? wink What about Isla or Violet!?
Good luck deciding! smile

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