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Opinions on Anouk?? Lock Rss

Hello all, what are your thoughts on Anouk for a girl's name? I really like it, but am not 100% set on it yet, so feel free to be honest.

How would you pronounce it?...ah-nook which rhymes with ah-book or rhymes with ah-luke?

Also any other suggestions very much welcomed (my other favourites are Alma, Imara, Nora, Thea)

hi dear
do you know what's the meaning of Alma?
Personally not a fan as I've heard it pronounced as 'A-nook'. Reminds me of 'nooks and crannies'...not very pretty tongue But it is your choice, if you really like it... smile
I like that it's pretty rare and it starts with an A and it spells like it were Icelandic, or Eskimo .
Oh là là, c'est tres bien )
Sorry I'm not a fan either!
I would pronounce it A-nook like a-book!
I like Nora best off your other list!
Other suggestions -
Good luck deciding! smile

Thanks all. I do love it, but also get that its not the kind of name that everyone loves (which is also what I quite like about it). Alma is my definite second choice, which means nurturing soul, I think.

If anyone can think of any other unusual suggestions I'd love to hear them. smile
I love Imara off your list, followed by Norah.

I am not a fan of Anouk or Alma.

I have an Amarli.
I also like
I thinks it's lovely smile It's pronounced Ah-nook, but the emphasis is on the first part, not on the K. The little girl in the movie Chocolat is Anouke. The way her mum says her name with the French accent is lovely smile
I love Alma, and like Nora, Anouk is ok, but makes me think of an eskimo smile

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