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Zahlia or Zara?? Lock Rss

So we've narrowed It down to Zahlia or Zara. Which one do you think? Suggestions on middle names would be appreciated too smile
Zahlia smile

Zahlia Grace.
Zahlia Arielle.

I like Zahlia. Its a bit different but sounds nice

I like both. I prefer Zahli over Zahlia though. My pick would be Zara.

Zara Jayde
Zara Jewel
Zara Skye
Zara Violet
Hi hi smile

Whilst Zahlia is unique & beautiful, I see Zara being a more "easier" name to go through life with.

Easier to spell, pronounce, shorter to learn when she begins writing, feminine & nice for a child and when she's grown up!

I kind of agree with Talei. I think Zahlia is a nicer name, just a bit tricky, but Zara is foolproof.
I think a middle name starting with S or C would work well with either name.
I like them both but prefer Zara!
Zara Shaye
Zara Lily
Zara Jade
Zara Jasmine
Zara Lee
Zara Tahlia
Good luck deciding smile

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