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Help needed!! #3 is a boy! Lock Rss

Chasing suggestions for a name for number 3 we are expecting a little man in november. We like names that are not too common but heard of. We already have Toby and Taliyah. Not sure to continue with the T name theme of which there aren't many boys ( not keen on the regular Timothy/Thomas ect) or even maybe pick something with the same type of letters ie: "T" and "L". Wanting to use James as the second name. I had suggested Tayden to hubby he is not sure about, I really love Lleyton which hubby hates eeekkk so worried we wont settle on anything!
Tate James is the first T name to come to mind!?
Otherwise ~
Tyler James
Trey James
Taye James
Or L names ~
Lincoln James
Landon James
Lleyton James
Lachlan James
Good luck deciding! smile


Tristan, Tasman, Taine/Tayne, Teil, Todd, Tarnae, Tanner, Tyreece, Tyrone, Tinsley,
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