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Please help me choose Lock Rss

Ok so I've posted on here a couple of times n this is the definate short list


Which one do you like most? And what middle name would you put with them? My daughters name is Kaylee smile
Lily and ruby are tied. No help with the middle names sorry.

I just read your post properly and I think Zara goes best with Kaylee smile

I'm thinking Zara best with Kaylee too. Or Matilda.

For middles names, I like a family name - either the parents middle name, grandparents middle name or great-grandparents middle names.
I love the name Ruby but so popular now!
Tilly comes to mind instead if Matilda??
I think Zara is best with Kaylee too!
What about Zara Lily or Zara Ruby?? Cute!
Otherwise Jasmine comes to mind too!?!
Good luck deciding! smile

I like Zara. The rest are too popular for my taste.
Lilliana would go well, as would Alana, Arienna, Arabella? I think names that end in A would go well with Kaylee, so Zara or Matilda from your list.

Another vote for Zara.

I like Zara Ruby or Zara Lily too.

Zara Claire
Zara Chloe
Zara Elise
Zara Everly

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