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Thoughts on the name Shayla for a girl Lock Rss

Just wanted to know what peoples thoughts were on the name Shayla for a girl
Love it! Very pretty smile
Lovely smile I love feminine names for girls - and it's really sweet!
I've never heard of Shayla, I know a Shyla, it sounds cute. Also I love the name shae/shay which would be a nickname I presume?
I like it... I also like Shinae (pronounced Shin-nay)
I've seen Shinae spelt Shanae. Shayla is O.K. I love Shannah, which is similar. Shaylyn, Shanaya, Shanara, or Shaniya are other suggestions.

Sorry im going to be a bad sport n say I don't like it :/ ayla is high on my list thougg

I like it but I loooove just Shaye! smile

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