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A first name for middle name "Rayner"? Lock Rss

I think we have picked Rayner as the middle name for our 3rd son, but are still totally stuck on a first name. The few we had short listed don't really flow with Rayner. Help?! lol smile

Michael rayner
Rueben rayner
Lachlan rayner
Marcus Rayner
Harris Rayner
Silas Rayner
Damien Rayner
Ethan Rayner
Archie Rayner
Tobias Rayner
Marshall Rayner
Mitchell Rayner
Benji Rayner
Huxley Rayner
Harvey Rayner
Harley Rayner
Jethro Rayner
Wyatt Rayner
Avner Rayner
Merrick Rayner
Bentley Rayner
Brayden Rayner
Vincien Rayner
Jensen Rayner

I know a boy named Ethan-Rain. He gets called Rain all the time. It'll go well with Ebony-Rose. That way you'll have two hyphenated names and two not. If you didn't mention Rayner, I would've mentioned Ethan-Rain. You could spell Rain, like Rayne, Rein, Reine or Raine. He's DD2's friend, he's 6 years old.

Instantly thought Nathaniel Raynor (nickname Nate) especially with your other boys names! smile

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