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HELP! middle name dilema.... Lock Rss

So my husband and I are on the same page as far as first names are concerned whether it a boy or girl yay! The issue we have is now deciding on middle names especially if its a boy. I want a name connected to my older brother (who will never have kids) ,my dad or husband?. When I asked what he thought he had names connected to his side of family who have passed away. I said that I wanted a name that connects to someone here and now but I've offended him! How can we compromise? On my side of family I'm the only one who will have children (this baby is grandchild number 1) whereas my husband has two sisters who will have children and I think they could use those names. Help me please! smile

Solution: two middle names.

DH and I had a 'system' for our kids names. We knew we would have two kids so this is how we sorted it.

If the first kid was a boy he would have DH's dads name. If a girl she would have my mums name.
Then the second child would have the name of the side of the family that wasn't used.

We have two girls.
DD1 has my mums name
DD2 has my mother in laws name.

You could combine two names to make one.
Or two middles names / hyphenated two middle names,
Depends on the names.

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