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Hello all. I think I've finally settled on Eliza for my little girl (maybe), but now I'm stuck on a middle name. We have a single syllable surname beginning with M. I was planning to use Joan as it has family connections, but now worried Eliza Joan might sound a bit too old lady?? So was trying to think of something maybe more modern or funky for middle name? Maybe Eliza Rose? I'm not sure if 1 or 2 syllable would be best with our surname??

Any other suggestions, or opinions on Eliza Joan? Or any other suggestions for a first name? (I'm still not 100% set) smile
Eliza Joan is a gorgeous name. 'Old fashioned' names are fashionable, so I think she will fit right in. There are plenty of Maisie, Eloise, Evelyn, and Mabel's being born. And don't get to hung up on syllables. How often do you say your whole name anyway. DD1 has two syllable first, middle and last name.

If you like Rose, how about Ruby?
I also think Eliza Phoebe is cute.
If you want a more modern fell Eliza Ashley or Eliza Madison.
When I read the title I automatically thought Joan. smile

Eliza Jane
Eliza Mae
Eliza Maisie
Eliza Rue
Eliza Rae

Eliza Esmae. smile smile smile

Eliza Jean
Eliza Alice
Eliza Grace
Eliza Kate
Eliza Jade
Eliza Claire
Eliza Rae
Eliza Violet
Have you thought about the name Marley as maybe a first and Eliza is ok
You could do

Marley jayde/ or jade
Eliza Mae
Eliza rose
Or even change it to Elizah
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