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Help...Can't decide? Lock Rss

Need help choosing a girls name.
Big sister is 'Nylah'....
Koah, Amalia, or Amaya???

Also had our heart set on a boys name, but with our last name ending in 'ey' not sure if the spelling will look too much. Didn't want to spell traditional way of Riley...
Liked Ryley.
Thought we could try Rhyli but want it to be masculine. Thoughts please smile
Amaya, followed by Koah. smile

I love your names. I would go with Amaya. I have an Amarli, so I also like Amarlia. Amara/Imara is also nice.
In my opinion I would go Amaya but also a bit out there name which I am in love with is azaliyah or azalea
Pronounced az-ay-lea
I would choose Amaya from your short list. TBH I prefer Amalia but it kind of sounds too similar to Nylah.
I wouldn't spell Rhyli that way - he would be forever correcting people's spelling of it. Riley or Ryley still sounds the same and spelling it in a weird way won't make your beautiful and unique child even more unique.
Rileigh. Or Ryleigh: like this one.

Do you know Rhylee can be used as a girls name too!

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