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Girl names Lock Rss


So I really love the name Violet. And also lila/Lyla

But I keep finding other names I like:

Eva / evelyn / evie

But I do still like Ella, Mia

Too many nice names for girls!
Similar taste!

Dd is Lilah, but my strong second was Evelyn/Evie. Olivia, Jocelyn/Josie and phoebe were also on my list. I was also playing around with Lilly or Layla.
Funnily enough, when we told some friends about her birth, they misheard Lilah for violet, which I also like.

I agree that there is so many pretty girls names out there.

Ooo I love Violet & Lila!
Lila Violet or Violet Lila sound beautiful!
I also love Leila, Lani & Lexi!
Good luck deciding! smile

Alyla smile

I like Lyla and would use Eve with nn Evie (was my top name until sil used something very similar).. I see a lot of people giving the name Evie these days but for me it kind of ruins the elegance of the name.

I like Ivy (was on my list also),

we'll be using Olivia when our bub finally arrives, so similar to your pick of Olive which i like also.

I think all your names are really nice, Violet and Eden are prob my least fave of the lot

such a personal preference though are names. good luck deciding.
My nieces name is Violet and I love her to bits, so I'm a fan of the name!! smile Funnily enough, my sister-in-law also really loved Lila (but my brother said no as it reminded him of "lilo" and he said he didn't want to think of his daughter as a pool toy!).

Ivy and Eden are beautiful too. You're right - too many lovely girls names around! Much harder to find boys names!
Thanks so much everyone smile

What order do you like most to least: Violet, Ivy, Eva/Evie, Lila/Lyla

Thanks xx
Violet, Lyla, Evie, Ivy.

Lila (although I love Leila even more!?)
Good luck deciding smile

Thanks smile
Violet is my fav, followed by Eva, Evie, Lyla and then Ivy.
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