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boys names starting with N or I Lock Rss

Good afternoon ladies, can you please hit me with boys names starting with N or I? I love Nate, DH says no as it reminds him of Nate Myles lol

I love Isaiah but not sure it suits our family (that sounds weird but hopefully you all get me lol). They're hard letters to work with and with baby brain and two little ones running around I can't ever think with a clear head about names and with ten weeks to go I'm getting scared lol


Nathaniel ( then you could short it to Nate?)

Icha ( Ika)

Yeah... That's all I got sorry, those initials are hard huh
No idea...I'm hopeless at coming up with our own names let alone any other names on top! But how exciting your picking names.....getting close now Tallulah!!!!! smile

Nick (if you didn't want the full name Nicholas)

Ok they are really hard letters!

Nixon & Izaiah
10 weeks to go- OMG!!!

I love Isaac,

what about

Nicholas (for Nik or Nick)

hmm thats all I can think of thatsnot totally old school.

Do you need to use these letters or jus hoping to?

Mr J (April 2005) Miss Z (Feb 2007) and Miss O (Oct 2010)

Hi talllulah! OMG 10 weeks !!! Wow your pregnancy has flown!

I and N hey? I love the name Nate too smile can you spend the next 10 weeks convincing dh to like that one, lol?
Or even Nathan and Nate for short?
I is really hard! Isaiah is lovely. I get what you mean about it having to suit the family. Having said that though my sons name is quite uncommon but daughters name isn't, so they don't 'match' in that way. Actually his name starts with N and is an awesome name grin ill pm it to you if you want to know it smile
Ooh thanks girls- knew I could count on you! Some good names there I hadn't thought of grin we don't have to use those letters- we're being a bit silly trying to fit a pattern that goes with our names lol

Misskel would you mind pm'ing me? I'd love to know his name now grin


I wanna know too. Lol.

I also want to know how you got to "n or I" for names. Lol. Sounds intriguing. smile

I love love love Nate. I prefer the full Nathaniel with nick name of Nate tho (could you get away with that?!) my other top names unfortunately aren't n or I names tho.

In Nikolai Nathaniel, neilson/Neil, Nicholas/nick, Nathan, Nigel, Noah, Nixon um... I'm out of n ideas. Only ones I really like from that is Nathaniel and kinda like Nikolai.

I names are harder. Isaiah Isaac Ivan that's all I've really got.
I like Nixon.

Izaak - spelt that way means laughter.


Isaiah is nice, which pronunciation: Eye-zay-ah or Eye-zie-ah?


Stick with Nate! Best name ever!
That's my Nate on the right in my profile pic so I may be biased!! wink
I also really like Nash!? Good luck deciding or convincing hubby!? smile

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