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We arent convinced of the gender so cant choose a name?! Lock Rss

Gender accuracy- 13wk internal scan VS 20wks abdo scan.

I dont have any pictures but i was wondering if anyone had any stories to go with gender guesses from their NT scan and that to change at their Anatomy scan?

We were told 'definitely a boy' at our 13wk scan which was internal and even i saw what looked like the same images we saw with our son at his 20wk scan. We went in for our 20wk scan a few days ago only to be told a girl. I didnt see any clear 'lines' or what have you but i never have with our other 2 girls either. It was the same technician both times and he was the same guy who did our last pregnancy. Ive got to go back in 2-3wks to check on some measurements so im slightly freaking out he might tell us something different again!!

This may explain a bit. 20 weeks is more accurate. You can't really tell at 13w.

Thanks i have read that one. We have never had a guess before our 20wk so when the guy immediately asked and was so sure i said why not? I mean if nothing was said at our 13wk i would never second guess the 20wk. We have just had major gender disappointment with our son to the point he was crying and howling when the sonographer said it was in fact a girl not a boy :/
You'll have to see at your next scan. Can I see any scan pics? Do you have any potty shots?

sadly no potty shots at either scan only profile pics. No nub shots either. I dont really care what it is but i have to go shopping at some point to get a few essentials and unfortunately for us its a 400km drive to the next town where there are actual shops. Theres not alot online available in neutral otherwise i would have just done that already. It would be very awkward if we had to tell our families a different outcome in a few weeks too haha
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