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Suggestions on girls names Lock Rss

Hi ladies, we found out that we're having a girl. This is our 4th, we have a Matthew Kaylee and Beau so id like a name that flows with them. I think Im leaning towards the name Layla but any other suggestions would be great. I also like Isabella, Summer, Paige, Ava, Evie, Lilly

Thanks smile
I love all your names! Evie and Paige are my favourites- I also love Layla- have you considered Lylah? I like that too! I think Evie and Paige go really nice with the names of your current children, wonder if Layla is a little similar to kaylee? All gorgeous names though! I think Paige makes a nice middle name too smile
Paige or Summer, I think.

Congrats on number 4 smile
Layla is nice, I also like Summer and Lily.

Other suggestions
I loooove Layla but would spell it Leila!
I also looove Summer & Jasmine!
Have u got a middlename picked?!
Leila Summer or Leila Jasmine sound beautiful!
Good luck deciding! smile

I feel Layla may be too similar to Kaylee, but it is your choice in the end! smile I quite like Paige the best from your list.
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