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  5. Girls names please let me know your thoughts :)

Girls names please let me know your thoughts :) Rss

Hi all,

Which do you prefer, and which order would you rate these??
For twin girls which two would you use together? smile

Lila / Lyla
Leila / Layla

Your feedback would be much appreciated smile

I like Indi and Ella together
I also like Layla and Renee (sorry a name not on your list)
Exciting twins! All the best smile
I love all your names smile

I would probably go with Layla and Violet.
I don't think you could go wrong though.
Ooo yay for twin girls!
I'd go with ~
Leila & Violet
Leila & Indie
Violet & Indie or
Lila & Indi
Good luck deciding! smile

Hi MarleyA.
How wonderful Twins! Congratulations. I'm going to become a grandmother for the first time, and if my Daughter has a girl she has chosen Grace, i love your chosen list and I think I would choose Ella & Grace. Best wishes choosing your babies names... :
Thanks for everyone who has posted their opinions smile

I really loved both Lila and Indi but now I really love Lila and Violet.

I love all the names though! smile
Lol I don't think u can go wrong! All beautiful! smile

Violet and Grace go well together.

i would go Indi and Leila/layla smile

my neice is Indi and it's a gorgeous name, and Leila was a name i've toyed with myself
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