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Trying to decide on a girls name Lock Rss

Hi, I'm new....

just wanting opinions on the following names, or suggestions on names that are similar.. I really like quite girly names and have the following 2 up at the moment

* Chloe Isobel (middle name isn't a definite)
* Olivia ......... (not sure on a middle name but something short preferably)

I love both names but I am leaning towards Chloe. I love Olivia but i dont want it to be shorted to Ollie... would prefer Livvy as the nn, which i can try and instill but at the end of the day if the child likes being called Ollie better than I dont have much say after that.

anyway which do you like better? or can you suggest names along similar lines which are traditional.
I love Chloe Isobel.
When I was expecting, Olivia was on my short list. I was looking at the middle name of Joy, Anne or Rose. Olivia is still my pick between your two choices. smile
I think I like Olivia the best smile Try not to think too much about the nickname at the moment, you never know what will happen with that wink She might end up having a nn completely irrelevant to her name, like my kids do.
thanks for all the opinions,

we've now swayed more favourably towards Olivia for our baby's name smile

I still love Chloe, but Olivia is the flavour for this month, just need a mn.

I was thinking of

Olivia Eve (i love the name eve but cant use it as a first name as my sil used a very similar name)
Olivia Renee (being my mn)
Olivia Kate
Olivia Maria (my mum's mn)

i think i like the shorter names the best, but which one sounds the best? or suggestions of other short mn would be much appreciated.

My dd is Olivia smile I think Olivia Eve sounds lovely.
I like Olivia Eve or Olivia Kate. Both are pretty smile

I love Chloe Isobel! Just lovely. But you can't go wrong with either name, both great names. I like Olivia Eve or Olivia Kate. Good luck choosing smile
Olivia Kate sounds good.

Just with the nickname preference - I have had two friends who have been worried about potential nicknames for their bubs not being the ones they wanted. So both of them actually included nickname in their birth announcement text and the names pretty much caught on straight away.

So the text went something like "Elizabeth (Beth) Jane ... was born" etc..
They did not like Liz for a nickname so set it up how they preferred from the start.
The other friend was the same - loved the name William (Will) but did not want him to get billy or anything else.

I guess the benefit is that the child becomes used to it and corrects people if they use something else. Who knows what will happen at school though.

It may make people go straight to calling them that all the time, versus their full name - this happened with Beth (parents totally happy with that) but William gets William mostly, and just will on occasion.

Anyway just an idea if you really don't want it shortened a certain way smile
Olivia Kate is my pick smile

I have never heard of Ollie being a nickname for Olivia ever! Only for boys named Oliver. All the Olivia's I know are nicknamed Livvy or Liv. I would think that would be more likely than Ollie so don't think you have much to worry about there smile

thanks for the responses.

i think im either going to go with

Olivia Eve or Chloe Isobel.

as far as nn, if we went with Olivia, nn would be liv or livvy...

I do know a girl who is an olivia and she's pretty much only ever called Olly, but she seems to like that nn.

i agree though, whatever nn we instill she'll prob get called, and i know if we got with Olivia then she'll generally be referred to as Livvy by us most of the time anyway.

smile smile
I like Olivia too. I think Chloe is too popular now.
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