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How did you choose baby's middle name? Rss

Do you want something unique uncommon and French?
Scarlett Dior sounds nice
.... Dior means "golden gift" in French which I think is lovely
Go with what you like and don't worry about what others may think. Our kids middle name have our first name.
I decided a long time ago I wasn't going to please anyone when naming my children, if I like it then it works for me. =)

my DD has my mums name as her middle name and this little walnut due feb will either have my mil middle name or if it a boy his dads name.

im a name sake kinda person but at the end of the day its ur choice! =)
Scarlett is a lovely name. My dd2 is Scarlett Bonnie. smile

I haven't gone with family names at all because a) I don't really like any of them and b) because there are too many people and someone will be offended. So our names are just the ones that we think really suit the kid and that we love. I found this bub the hardest to name as it didn't hit us like a tonne of bricks like the names did for the other 2. It took us about a week to give Daisy her first name and 2 weeks for her second name. (Winter) We ended up choosing them because it suited her, we love the names and we can yell it from the back door along with the other kids names when they are in trouble. grin
We used the different form of a name for our son. my husbands name is Michael and we used Mitchell for our son. also consider changing the letters around to make a new name for example lisa could be isla or mix two names together. My friend wanted to use her mothers name as a middle name but didn't want to offend her much loved mother in law so she combined them kate and lyn = katelyn. They loved it.
I think Scarlett rose is a very pretty name.
we chose names to please ourselves! we have Scarlett Maddison, Hamish Ashton and Isla Amity.
So obviously i think you have made a great choice with the name Scarlett!! grin

Scarlett 19/01/06. Hamish 16/07/07. Isla 05/02/13.

Scarlett is a gorgeous name! Love it!
What was your mums name?? Can u modify it a bit?
eg. My sons middle name is Will after my dad William but we preferred just Will!??
What about Scarlett Lori?? Still named after G-lori-a but less obvious!?
Good luck deciding! smile

With DS I was in hospital for a week and heard this little boy running up the corridor and his dad yelling out "Hunter, quietly!" at this stage I was due to have my boy and didn't like any names till then! I feel in love with the name Hunter.....Little did I know father of my son had already decided on a name for our boy which was a family name so Hunter became my sons middle name!

DDs middle name is a mix of my mums middle name and my DFs mums first name smile

I have a Scarlett Lucy. We chose that after my Nannas middle name but liked to keep in with the older names as we did with our 2 children before and one since. Good luck I always changed the kids names 8 weeks before they were born even if I had been set on a name all pregnancy.
I thought seriously about Scarlett for my DD's. DD2 was nearly Scarlett May (she was born on my Nan's 100th birthday and her name middle name was may). But we have red hair in our family and I thought that she might potentially cop a ribbing if she was a red head called Scarlett so we went with Georgia instead which is DH's favourite aunts name.

DD1's first name was picked long before she was conceived (DH had loved the idea of it as a girls name since his late teens lol). Her first name is actually Cassiopeia which is a really long name and so is our last name so we wanted a short name for the middle name so picked Ann.

With DS I wanted to honour my grandmother who died when I was 3 months old. Her name was Phyllis but she hated her name so I thought that if I changed the name to Phillip it still honoured her without using her name. DH wasn't keen on it as a first name so we started with Phillip as the middle name and searched for a first name that we thought worked well and ended up choosing Zachary.

With DD2 we couldn't agree on a name, DH had a list of first names he liked but I wasn't keen on any of them and I had a full name I liked but he wasn't keen on it. In the end we compromised and used one of the first names he liked, Abigail, with the middle name from the name I wanted, Jade.

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